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We have Bengals, British Shorthair, Rag dolls, Siberian Maine Coon and Munchkin.

Blue Golden Shaded BSH

Imported Pure-bred Blue Golden Shaded BSH Male Available

DOB: 29/8/2023

Gender: Boy

Key Highlights: Rare color with big round eyes.

Personality: Super "lapcat", very affectionate and sweet.

Beautiful Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll available

Beautiful Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll imported from UK

DOB: 20/9/2023

Gender: Male

Key Highlights: Rare bicolor lynx. Has a very pretty face.

Personality: Very loving and affectionate like a lap cat.

Bicolor-Blue Ragdoll

Imported Bicolor-Blue Ragdoll Male Available

DOB: 5/9/2023

Gender: Male

Key Highlights: Big in size for his age.

Personality: Super "lap cat" and very sweet. Loves human companionship.

Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll

Imported Bicolor Lynx Ragdoll Male Available

DOB: 20/9/2023

Gender: Male

Key Highlights: Rare bicolor lynx and big in size for his age.

Personality: Very gentle and chill.

Gorgeous Bicolor Seal Ragdoll Available


Gender: Female

Key Highlights: Has a beautiful sweet face.

Personality: Very chill and gentle.

Bicolor Seal Ragdoll

Imported Bicolor Seal Ragdoll Female Available

DOB: 21/8/2023

Gender: Female

Key Highlights: Has a beautiful sweet face.

Personality: Very affectionate and love to sit on the lap.

Most common FAQs

Why is it called Adoption of Kittens?

All our cats are imported from UK.

The term "adoption" when referring to cats, or animals in general, is used to emphasize the significance and responsibility involved in taking a pet into one's home. Unlike purchasing an object, adopting a cat involves a commitment to caring for a living being for its entire life. This perspective encourages potential pet owners to think of the animal not as a mere possession, but as a family member who requires love, attention, and care.

The process of adoption often involves a fee, which serves several purposes.

1. Working with overseas breeder

We work with our overseas breeder on a ethical cat breeding program so we know that the cat is of the finest quality. Each of our breeders are carefully screened and checked. The fee also includes the transportation from overseas.

2. Ensuring Serious Commitment

Charging an adoption fee can help ensure that the adopter is serious and willing to invest in the well-being of the cat. It acts as a form of screening to discourage impulsive adoptions that may not be in the best interest of the animal.

3. Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

By going through an adoption process and paying a fee, adopters are more likely to value and commit to their new pet. This encourages a long-term, responsible approach to pet ownership, rather than viewing pets as disposable or easily replaceable.

4. Health and Wellness Checks

Adoption fees often include the cost of veterinary care that the animal has received.

Using the term "adoption" and charging a fee both serve to create a more responsible and ethical process for acquiring a pet, highlighting the importance of commitment and care required for animal companionship.

What is a Waiting List?

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