Why Ragdolls?


Ragdoll cats are known for their gentle nature, rarely extending their claws even if startled. They are forgiving and never aggressive, making them a safe and comforting presence in any household. With their calm and laid-back demeanor, Ragdolls are the epitome of a gentle giant.


Ragdoll cats have soft, fluffy coats with pointed coloring in areas like the face, ears, legs, and tail. They come in four main patterns, with various colors like blue, chocolate, and cream. Mitted Ragdolls have white feet, while colorpoint and bi-colored Ragdolls have darker shading. The van pattern has darker coloring on a few areas. Your Ragdoll will be a beautiful and unique addition to your family!


Ragdoll cats are renowned for their affectionate nature, making them ideal pets for those seeking a loving companion. Unlike other felines that may be aloof or indifferent, Ragdolls are incredibly social animals that crave human attention and interaction. These cats love nothing more than to be close to their humans, enjoying being stroked, petted, and cuddled in return for their unwavering affection. They are the type of cats that will happily curl up in your lap or sleep close to your body, providing warmth and comfort to their beloved human.

Despite their laid-back nature, Ragdolls are always ready to join in with daily activities and provide companionship throughout the day. Their friendly and sociable personality makes them a popular choice for families and individuals alike.


Ragdoll cats are known for their loyalty and devotion to their human companions. While they may be tolerant of strangers, they form strong and unique bonds with the individuals who care for them the most. These cats will actively seek out their favorite humans and happily accompany them around the house, following them from room to room and waiting by the door to greet them. Their affectionate and devoted nature is almost as if they are expressing their appreciation to their humans.

Ragdolls are incredibly intuitive and can sense when their humans need comfort or support, offering love and affection unconditionally. Their unwavering loyalty makes them a beloved addition to any household and a true companion for life.

Our Ragdoll

Bi-color Blue Ragdoll

Name: Coco

Gender: Male

Color: Bi color blue

Key Highlight: Won 1st in Long Fur Category in a recent Cat Show 2023

Personality: Super affectionate and docile

Our Ragdoll

Bi-color seal Ragdoll

Name: Chanel

Color: Bi-color Seal

Gender: Female

Temperament: Gentle with a sweet temperament

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