Kitten Adoption Suitability Form

Thanks very much for your interest and love in our kittens!

Our priority is for all kittens to go to good loving homes with loving and responsible owners.

Before you commit to bringing a kitten home, please take note of the following:

Keeping a cat is a long term commitment. A cat can lives up to 15 or even 18years.

Like dogs, they need annual vaccinations and they may fall sick at times and need medical attention.

Like humans, they need attention, love and companionship.

So before you commit to a kitten, please consider the following:

1) Are you able to meet the basic needs of a cat financially for the long term?

(food, vaccinations, unforeseen medical bills, basic grooming needs)

We strongly advise all customers to consider getting pet insurance.

2) Are you willing to cat-proof your house?

(Cat-proofing includes installing invisible grills/nettings to your windows/doors)

3) Are all your family members agreeable to keeping the cat?

4) Do you or any of your family members have any allergies to cats?

5) Are you able to spend some time with the cat/s regularly?

(Unlike dogs, you do not have to walk a cat daily. Some cats are happy staying indoors all the time. However, they need your attention, love and companionship.)

6) Do you already have cats or other pets at home?

If you’re bringing a new cat into your home, be patient. The introduction must be gradual. It takes most cats about 2 to 3 weeks but it can take some cats 6 months to develop a friendship with a new cat.

If your cat has lived harmoniously with other cats in the past, the odds are good that she’ll adjust to a newcomer.

7) Cats are amazingly wonderful pets that make wonderful companions. It is very important to research online on the breed's characteristics as well as how to care for the particular breed to ensure that the breed of cats is suitable for you and your family. You are also welcome to book a Private Pet Ownership session with us where you get to learn about our cat's breed and you get to interact with them.

Kindly complete the questionnaire below truthfully to help us understand you better. Our top priority is the well-being of our kittens. Please don't take offense to any personal questions or inquiries about your home. These questions are designed to help us gain insight into how your prospective kitten may continue to thrive and to acquaint us with potential owners, so we can offer assistance with any concerns they may have about the lives of our beloved felines.

The kittens are treated like our children and finding them secure and happy homes is our primary focus. Even if you have never owned a Bengal or any cat before, we only ask that you be prepared and know that we are always available to assist customers who have purchased our kittens. We act solely in the best interests of the kittens and reserve the right to refuse a sale without explanation if we determine that the new owner or their home may not be suitable for our babies.

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