Why Siberians


Siberian cats are known for their high energy levels. With slightly longer back legs than front, they are skilled jumpers and enjoy bouncing around in excitement.

These cats love to play and will keep the entire family entertained for hours with their chasing and sprinting. Providing them with enough space to play is important to prevent boredom.


Siberian cats are well-suited to be family pets due to their affectionate personalities, making them a safe choice around children and other animals.

Unlike the typical aloof nature of cats, Siberians will eagerly greet you at the door and happily follow you around the house.In fact, over time, you may develop your own unique way of communicating with your Siberian cat, as they are known to use a variety of sounds such as chirping, trilling, and meowing to express their emotions and respond to your questions.

Water Lover

Siberian cats are quite unique in their love for water, unlike most other cats. Their water-resistant and cold-resistant coat allows them to enjoy diving into puddles, jumping into sinks, and even joining you in the shower.

While it is generally suggested to bathe them about once a month to keep them clean and fresh, the real challenge will be getting them out of the water as they enjoy it so much. This love for water is often developed early on, so introducing them to water play as kittens is a great way to encourage this behavior.


Siberian cats are known for their adventurous spirit, making them excellent companions for those who enjoy exploring and trying new things. These cats are curious by nature and love to investigate their surroundings, often fearlessly leaping onto high surfaces or darting into small spaces to satisfy their curiosity.

Siberian cats are also highly adaptable, making them well-suited for a variety of environments. They are equally comfortable lounging in the sun or exploring the great outdoors, and their intelligence and natural hunting instincts make them excellent climbers and explorers.

If you're looking for a cat that can keep up with your adventurous spirit, the Siberian cat may be the perfect fit. Just be sure to provide them with plenty of opportunities to explore and play, as they thrive on mental and physical stimulation.

Our Stud

Smoke Siberian

Name: Prince

DOB: 22/7/2020

Gender: Male

Color: Smoke

Key Highlight: Big in size, weighing about 6kg.

Personality: Very affectionate and gentle. Clingy and loves human companionship.

Our Queen

Siberian Munchkin

Name: Dora

Gender: Female

Color: Smoke

DOB: 1/10/2020

Key highlights: Round and fluffy with big round eyes

Personality: Very loving and sweet

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