Free Microchip Lookup for Imported Cats


Discover your cat’s origins with Genetique Cats new Microchip Lookup! This innovative tool is specifically designed for cat owners curious about their pet’s background. Whether you suspect your cat hails from the UK or another country, our checker can reveal the truth.


It’s simple to use: just enter your cat’s 15-digit microchip number. Our system will then scan through various international databases to pinpoint exactly where your cat’s microchip was registered. This not only tells you the country of origin but also provides valuable insights into your cat’s breed and where the lineage is from.


Knowing where your cat comes from is more than just interesting information. It can help you understand certain breed-specific traits and health predispositions. Plus, it’s a fun way to connect more deeply with your pet by learning about their roots. So, if you’ve ever wondered about your cat’s journey before they became part of your family, our Microchip Checker is the perfect tool for you! 

How does this work?

The microchip checker is able to check worldwide if the pet is actually from that countries. It is free for everyone!

Please be patience as it may take 1-2mins for the result to be out.

Why can't i find some microchip?

Some microchip may not be registered in the overseas database and hence you may not be able to find it.

My microchip is not based on ISO

Some microchip are not ISO compliant and is based on countries code. We will be updating the database to include all countries ISO shortly.

Will you create a microchip system?

Yes, we will be creating a microchip database system where user can register their pet for free.

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