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Genetique Cats Facebook
Genetique Bengal Cats Facebook

I would like to share my splendid adoption experience with Genetiques. Both Stephanie and husband were very warm and knowledgeable on advising first time cat Pawrents like me. Despite endless queries for many months before bringing home Soya ( Golden Blue BSH), they were exceptionally patient explaining meticulously the Dos n Dons being a Pawrent. But the key factor that made me wrote this review is because the behaviour of Soya is so tame and well behaved. He was such a good boy thruout the night n next day, he used the litter box as usual although I change another brand and also eating well.

Kudos to Genetiques for being a professional and Passionate Breeders!!!


she settled comfortably into our place on day 1. Her constant purring kinda shock us alittle initially >o<. thanks to Stephanie's prompt updates to us for greater assurance.

Appreciate her effort and informative sharing, checklist, etc during the process.

Peggy Lee

Out of the breeders we have approached, Genetique Cats provided the most pleasant and assuring experience to new cat owners like my husband and I. Their kittens are also very good tempered and confident - baby Tora adjusted so well on her first day at our new home and has been so affectionate and a dear to be around with 😍 Stephanie has also been very knowledgeable and patient in attending to all of our questions - something we truly appreciate! We would 100% recommend Genetique Cats!

Graceclia Ching

Have my 1st daughter, a Ragdoll from Genetique Cats. Got in touch with Stephanie and seem very accomodating. Were surprise that Stephanie and hubby were willing to meet me to view Sugar at very late night when the Mall was practically close for business. She was very friendly, professional and definately informative. Fell in love with Sugar. I was given more than enough time to look, cuddle and consider, never a moment I felt pressured to during my moment of consideration.

After i have decided, Stephanie and hubby explain the T&C, proper care and Vet to refer to for Sugar to be spayed. All documents related to Vaccination, Microchipped, etc are in order.

Excellent service from the moment I communicate till today. All is good. Sugar is now known as AJ and living a happy and spoiled life with us☺️

Josyl Zafra

Stephanie was informative and helpful with multiple guides and checklist. All these resulted in a happy kitten on his first night.

May Koh

I’ve been to a few catteries and my experience with Genetique Cats was the most pleasant! Knowing that I was a first-time cat owner, they taught me everything I needed to know about BSHs and gave me a lot of confidence in taking care of my first cat baby ♥️ Extremely thorough and genuine about finding good owners for their cute kittens, I’d definitely recommend Genetique Cats to anyone looking to give a kitten a home 🏡

Zerlind Koh

We were fortunate to get a kitten from Genetique Cats as Stephanie is very patient and knowledgeable in taking care of the cats. She has always been there to guide and answer all our queries whenever we face the problem.

Jessie Lau

We were fortunate to get our kitten from Genetique. We appreciated the transparency around their operations and the cats/kittens are very well cared for. Stephanie was very patient in answering our questions and proactive in sharing updates. She also brought us through a thorough briefing on how to care for our kitten, this helped put us at ease. Our kitten is a well adjusted and affectionate boy and we couldn’t be more pleased. We would highly recommend Genetique 🙂

Dayna Ng

Stephanie has been great at facilitating our kitten’s transition to our home. She spent a long time answering all our questions patiently. The little Siberian Munchkin kitten has settled in well from the first night and using the litter box straight away! She has a lovely personality and is extremely playful & curious! She likes company and will hangout wherever we are!

Stephanie is very approachable and is prompt in responding to our queries.

We highly recommend Stephanie!

Nasseem Kathrada Kazi

Definitely will recommend Genetique Cats for anyone who is looking for fur babies! They are very informative, knowledgeable and friendly with all enquiries. Love my BSH baby 🥰

Kenneth Siau

very lucky to come across Genetique , and Stephanie really very detailed, n really know every single of the kitten's character. I'm really very happy to take tang yuan . She is such a lovely gal ,we love her so much . Definitely will recommend Genetique

Lin Peiqi

Bought a beautiful British Shorthair from Genetique Cats. He is confident and well-trained. He eats his meals and uses his litter box since Day 1. Stephanie is helpful too. She provides useful info for first-time cat owner.

Dhiah Mansor

Stephanie and her partners at Genetique have a genuine love for cats - and you can tell from the way they are responsible and committed to ensuring the kittens are well taken care of not just while they are under their care, but also after they are being brought home. Our bsh munchkin baby is healthy, well socialised and confident. She is an absolute loving darling.

Stephanie is also friendly, responsive, and generous - not just with knowledge and info sharing, but also with what she can offer/do for Fubsy even after we have already brought her home.

Will definitely recommend Genetique if you're looking for a new addition to the family :')

Jods Momo

Cute Kittens. Stephanie is helpful and patient in answering questions.

Tan Ri Sheng

seller raises cute, confident, and affectionate kittens! v focused on sales and quick and smooth process. would visit n buy again 🥰

Stella Su

Just got my pretty British Shorthair, Bagel from Steph! She's super active and has been eating well.

She immediately began to explore the room and used the litter box once we reached home with no signs of fear.

Steph has been a great help throughout the entire process, answering multiple questions with great patience.

Norman Tay

We got our Baby Ragdoll, Sigrid, from Stéphanie a few days ago and not only is she extremely beautiful (look at that beaut!!!) but also so well behaved! She was immediately comfortable in our room the first day, slept with us on our bed the first night, and only needed to show her where her litter box was around two times before she used it on her own.

A kitty as confident as this can only come from a place that treated her very well. You can tell that Stephanie is passionate about what she does and it shows in the kittens’ personality. 🥰

Christine Tan

I met up with Stephanie of BubblyPaws Sg, she was so sweet and caring, I did not regret contacting her and choosing my baby from her at all. You will know when the pet seller takes care of the kittens herself and you will know the love that she has given to the kittens.

Super friendly and kind, she will give you lots of information on your baby and will also give her own advice too!

I highly recommend this place! Thank you so much!

Flora Cheong P L

I was touched by Andrew and Stephanie's patience and care in ensuring that my kitten receives the best care and attention as a parent would to their own child while guiding and instilling confidence in me as a new cat dad!

Thank you both so much!🙏🏻☺

Stiletto Edge

I bought a female bengal kitten from Genetique Bengal. She is beautiful, confident and sociable. I believe a kitten learn so much of their social skills on the early weeks that having a breeder who cares for kitten in a home environment is so important. Genetique Bengal give 100% to the process, ensuring the safety and well being of the kitten as well as supporting new owners to the full. Highly recommended!

Muhd Hadiz Aminuracid

Very friendly couple. Shares useful articles and knowledge on how to care for the cat. Very accommodating. Great hospitality and service. Thank you! ♥️

Nur Azima

We got our first baby, a rosetted bengal, from Génétique Bengal, she was so cute and well behaved that we decided to get her a little sister, our black sheeted marble bengal ! Stephanie was very helpful answering all our questions and even introduced the 2 babies to each other while we were travelling abroad. She took great care of them 2 while we were away, thank you Génétique !!

Remi Allaria

Highly recommended to all bengal lovers . Genetique have high expectation of their bloodlines . Their Bengals have the highest quality of in terms of looks and temperament in SINGAPORE. Thank you genetique .

Lim Peh

Where do I begin…

By chance I came upon “Genetique Bengals”… through Mr Goggle.

It was love at 1st sight when I saw the photos and video of the 2 months old snow lynx kitten sent to my by the Genetique Bengals.

But, what really impressed me about the whole experience is the genuine love, care & concern of the breeders to their kittens.

They really took the kittens as their babies.

Like parents, who will do anything for their babies & ensure they have the best in all aspects. They choice the best products & food (specially formulated) to ensure healthy growth for young kitten & adult cats.

They are loving, patience & compassionate to their kittens & cats and honest to their customers.

They will always take time to answer all queries from me & my family members (haha…

24/7 hotline). They are proactive in teaching their customers on kitten care and ensured the owner is fully supported.

They are responsible and the after sale service is top-notch.

They have given heart & soul to their kittens & we can see it by the kitten’s behavior and its health status (alertness, shiny coat & energy level).

What can we said, but “Thank You”…

Glad to find you & I can see a long lasting friendship & partnership with you all 🤩

(Oji has bought so much love, happiness & joy into my family in SG and overseas).

Love ya

OJi’s family

Martha Kao

Yes! love to have One ♥️♥️♥️

Jiran Sini

Got our sweet, gentle silver boy from them. They’re a good place to go to especially for first time cat owners. A lot of recommendation given if you need anything, and they will let you know anything and everything. I personally feel there’s a personal touch to every kitten there, they know exactly the temperaments and characteristics of the kittens to match with your preference. Grateful to have gotten our boy from them! Highly recommend! ❤️🐾

Umairah Omar

We managed to find our little Michael with Stephanie and Andrew, and they have been so professional and timely with support for us who are first time cat owners. Their service even includes manuals and partner animal hospital. Their service is top notch and such a different experience from other pet shops that we visited. Michael is a playful and affectionate addition to our family. A wonderful experience for us and would highly recommend. 👍👍👍

Loong Cui Wen Cordelia

Do you all believe in "Love at first sight"? I always had doubts about it until I met Lucas, he is the love of my life. He chose me as his mommy about 5-6months ago. The moment he headbutt and stole some kisses from me, I immediately knew I had to have him. ❤️❤️

Thank you Genetique for bringing Lucas into our life. They had provided and helped us tremendously especially since we were first time pet owners. Shoutout to Genetique for grooming Lucas into such a affectionate and confident boy.

Lucas is currently a year old now, he is very intelligent, affectionate and is a very cheeky boy. 😏 He immediately occupied my ottoman when he first arrived home. I was like "Awwwww~ He is so cute~ You can have my space. Take it~" I proceeded to sit on the beanbag next to him.

Few months later, he started to sit on my beanbag when I'm at work. He always used his “cat” expressions to communicate with me whenever I sat on his favorite beanbag, and it has become his favorite too. 🥹😅😆 hahaha! He will look at me and the beanbag via sending messages through his facial expressions "Hello Mommy, you are sitting on my beanbag. Excuse me~"

Many thanks to Genetique, they are very professional and very responsive as they still answered my queries even after we had Lucas. Thank you!!

Claire Mah

Stephanie was very knowledgeable and patient throughout the process of getting Moya! Moya is such a sweet boy and i’m glad that I got my cat from genetique bengals! Thanks steph!🥰

Nicholas Tan

As a first time owner of a cat, Andrew & Stephanie have carefully guided me on how to take care with love. I can see that they truly love & care about their kittens. Wonderful responsible sellers!

Jeffrey Kang

Steph has been very helpful and responsive, guiding us as it’s our first time owning a cat. Got our little Soju from them. She is very playful but affectionate at the same time. Highly recommend.

Ivan Choo

Genetique Bengal have really beautiful kittens. They were ever so responsive and always ready to help and give advise. Got my Queen Myo from them. Myo was so affectionate, healthy, super smart and beautiful. My whole family loves her. Highly recommend Genetique Bengal Cats if anyone is looking for beautiful , healthy and affectionate kittens. Will be getting a second one from them soon.

Melyni Jung

Highly recommend Genetique Bengals. We recently picked up our new baby boy Benji, not only is he beautiful but he is so affectionate and clearly used to lots of cuddles 😻. When we arranged collection they were also so thorough to make sure the kitty is well looked after. Thanks you!

Claire Dacombe

Very lovely couple and their cats are the sweetest. My little girl is very well socialized, playful and affectionate. Had no problem with bringing her home. She has adjusted so well and I couldn’t be happier 🥰

Kristi Klaus

mesmerised by their beautiful kittens - all with well defined rosettes, high contrast background, fantastic head and body profile. Every one of their cats are head turners!

We’ve been looking around and finally found our perfect kiddo. He is well socialised, human loving, calm and confident. Brought him home and he’s so comfortable with us from day 1!

Steph and Andrew are very friendly, funny and knowledgeable about Bengals! They are very patient with us as we had many many questions. Love how they took care of everything end-to-end, taking the stress out of us first time pawparents! Visit them at their IG(@gentiquebengalkittens @gentiquebengals) and fall in love with a kitty today!

Laffin Fish
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