Why European Maine Coons?

Family Cat

Maine Coon Cat are super affectionate and they love to have a good nap on a lap, does not demand alot of time and attention. They are family oriented and loves everyone!


Maine Coon Cats is regarded as a higher intelligence cat breed, that owners can teach the cat simple commands and Maine Coon learns their owner routines and obserse their surrounding.

Good with Cats and Dogs

The Maine Coon breed is known for its gentle and amiable disposition towards both cats and dogs. Thanks to their natural sociability and relaxed temperament. Maine Coons are well-suited to coexisting with other cats and dogs.They are unlikely to initiate conflict with their fellow felines or canines.


Are you familiar with Maine Coon cats that can talk or sing? While regular cats usually communicate by meowing to get attention or food, Maine Coon cats produce pleasant trills, cheeps, and chirps. Despite being quite vocal, they are not excessively loud.

Our Maine Coon


Country Imported: Italy

Color: Black & White

Key highlights: Big in size with a strong muscular built and beautiful aqua-green eyes.

Temperament: Affectionate and Gentle

Why We Are Selling Other Breeds

Many customers love how we bring up our bengal kittens and always ask if we have other breeds to offer.

Due to high requests, we imported a pair of British Shorthair from the UK into our breeding program.

Know if you are right for our kittens!

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