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Waiting List

Fill the following form to be on the waiting list. We will get back to you shortly.

I, understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions of this contract:

  1. The payment of $1000 as deposit confirms my acceptance to be on the waiting list for a kitten from Genetique Pte Ltd, UEN number 202213100W (AVS Licence No. AS20G00027).
  2. The payment of $1000 as a deposit is non-refundable.
  3. I understand that the price of the kitten can only be confirm upon viewing. Depending on the quality of each kitten such as its color, marking and age.
  4. The gender of the kitten can only be determined when it is 10 weeks old.
  5. The gender of the kitten will be subjected to a final confirmation at 12 weeks. I can re-select a kitten if it turns out to be of a different gender that I prefer and I am willing to wait for the next litter for its availability.
  6. I can view the kitten only after it has had its first vaccination around 8 weeks old, subject to it being fit for viewing.
  7. I can select a kitten after all those who are on the waiting list before me even if I would like to buy another kitten in the same viewing session.
  8. The selected kitten cannot be exchanged.
  9. I understand that the kitten can only be brought home at 16 weeks after it has been sterilised upon full payment of the balance sum, subject to it being fit to be brought to its new home.
  10. I undertake that the kitten is purchase as a pet, not meant for breeding and has to be sterilised when it is 4 months old.
  11. The purchase of the kitten is subject to the Terms and Condition stated on Genetique’s Adoption Contract.
  12. The price of the kitten includes the following to be perform at the Seller’s choice of Vet:
  • Vaccinations at 8 weeks, 12 and 16 weeks
  • Deworming at 8 weeks, 12 and 16 weeks
  • Sterilisation which is compulsory at 4 months’ old
  • Microchip

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