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Agreement & Undertaking of Risk

are here to attend the Pet Ownership session conducted by Genetique Pte Ltd (202213100W / AVS Licence No. AS24B00015) to have a better understanding of keeping cats as pets and will abide to the following house rules:

  • Remain calm and speak softly at all times.
  • Be very gentle with the cats.
  • Do not pull any parts of the cats’ body (e.g. tail, ear)
  • Do not jump, run or chase after the cats.
  • Do not corner or crowd around the cats as this may stress them.
  • Do not hit, push, yell at the cats when they nip or pounce.
  • Do not scuffle, carry, or hug our cats on your own. Our staff will be there to assist you if you would like to carry them.
  • Do not let them lick you.
  • Do not feed any outside food to our cats.
  • Do not use your hands and feet to play with our cats. We have cats’ teasers toys for you to play with them.
  • Children must always be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • Do not turn on the flash when you take photos/videos of our cats.
  • Loud noises, rough play or abuse will not be tolerated.

Safety of our cats are of utmost importance. Should we feel that our cats’ safety is compromised, you may be asked to leave immediately.

Lastly, please be friendly and respectful to our staff.

I also understand and agree to the following:

Genetique Pte Ltd/Ryokan Genetique Pte Ltd will not be liable for any injury including allergies or losses including loss of any personal items incurred to myself or my child(ren) while interacting with the cats or participating in any activities at Ryokan Genetique.

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