How it started: The Love of Bengal Cats



What started out as merely a love for animals has now progressed in Génétique Bengals, an AVS licensed, TICA and CFA Registered Bengal Cats Cattery in Singapore. Their goal is to provide all cat lovers out there with healthy, loving, affectionate, and good-natured Bengal kittens that have been well brought up in a clean, loving, and caring environment without compromise to ensure that they are physically and mentally healthy. Their aim has always been to breed show quality bengals that conform to breed standards for cat shows and competitions.


With over 20 years of experience working with animals, previously owning a pet shop in Japan and doing volunteer work at Tokyo Ueno Zoo as a designer for their zoo exhibit, the owner of Génétique Bengals wanted to continue his love for animals through helping others buy cats in Singapore. 

Finding a reliable Bengal breeder is one of the most tedious tasks to undertake once you have made the decision to buy a Bengal. When choosing breeding pairs, a competent breeder exercises extreme caution. Their primary objective is to improve the Bengal breed through genetic selection. The well-being and caliber of the cats they produce are things they actually care about. What sets Génétique Bengals apart from other cat breeders is that they go through legal and appropriate channels when seeking out the kittens they intend to breed. Statistically, around 70% of pet store owners employ unorthodox means such as Telegram or other unauthorized sources to source for their kitten breeds. Génétique Bengals hopes to change that. 


The Difference Between a TICA Registered Breeder vs. Backyard Breeder 


A registered breeder is referred to as an individual who is a member of one of the many cat-registering organisations. Being a club member does not make you a registered breeder immediately. A cattery prefix or suffix is used by registered breeders to identify themselves, and these names are used to register their cats. They exclusively produce purebred cats in accordance with the accepted guidelines established by their registering club. All cats have registration papers and are registered. Registered breeders must abide by the policies of their clubs regarding the care and sale of their cats.


A person who raises cats without being a member of a cat registering organization or possessing a cattery prefix is referred to as a “backyard breeder.” They might own domestic or purebred cats. If they have purebred cats, it’s possible that the breeder sold the kittens as pets only, without papers, with the expectation that the new owners would have the animals desexed. They may have decided to have their own kittens after receiving one from a friend. Or, in some instances, they view cat breeding as a source of income because they observe numerous kittens being sold at high prices in pet stores. These individuals view cats more as a commodity rather than an animal.


The motivation behind the team at Génétique Bengals is to build a cattery from scratch and adhere to the rules and regulations of AVS, CFA and TICA on ethical breeding. They have been working hard to reach that goal and much more. They have spent the last three years trying to find the best bloodlines for their breeding project, and now their next step is to focus on branding. During those years, they have been given an award by The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) and TICA International. With those accolades, they have also most recently participated in the UCA Fun Cat Show on October 30th and clinched several top awards for their cats. The team hopes to continue breeding quality cats to provide healthy, caring, and show-stopping pets to anyone looking for a purebred pedigree Bengal Cat. 


Their next venture that will be underway starting this December is Ryokan Génétique, which is the first five-star boutique cat hotel in Singapore (floor space of over 2500sqft). The team works with leading veterinarians, pet trainers, animal psychologists, architects, and builders from Singapore and Japan to come up with the design of their cat hotel to ensure the safety and well-being of all cats housed in the hotel.


Click the links provided to get more information about Génétique Bengal and their upcoming project, Ryokan Génétique.


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