Flying a cat on the plane with genetique bengals

Recently, a heartwarming story about Genetique Bengals and Ryokan Genetique was featured on Straits times, titled ‘Seats on the Plane’.

Metis 4

The story revolves around Mr. Andrew Choo’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of his beloved Bengal cat, Metis, during her journey from Italy to Singapore.


Transporting animals via cargo hold can be stressful for them. Understanding this, Mr. Choo went above and beyond to provide Metis with a more comfortable and stress-free travel experience. Instead of crating her and placing her in the cargo hold, he purchased a seat for her on the plane.


Metis’ journey began in the picturesque Italian coastal town of Celle Ligure, where she embarked on a car ride to Milan. From there, her breeder accompanied her in the cabin on a commercial flight to Istanbul, Turkey. In March 2022, Mr. Choo reunited with Metis and her breeder at Istanbul Airport for the cat’s first long-haul flight to her new home in Singapore.


Mr. Choo, the proud owner of Ryokan Genetique, a renowned cat boarding facility in Desker Road, fondly recalls Istanbul Airport as a pet-friendly environment. Cats and dogs were a common sight, creating a welcoming atmosphere for furry travelers. Turkish Airlines, the chosen carrier for Metis, allows pets in the cabin, albeit in pet carriers. Mr. Choo even secured a seat next to her to ensure her comfort throughout the journey.

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Although Metis had to remain in her carrier during the flight, Mr. Choo would occasionally open it to check on her. He shares, ‘Once in a while, I let her stretch herself. She was very calm and slept most of the time.’ This level of care and attention exemplifies Mr. Choo’s commitment to the well-being of his feline companions.


Prior to Metis, Mr. Choo had imported cats, including Bengals, for himself and his business, Genetique Bengals. However, due to affordability reasons, they had to be transported in cargo. Mr. Choo admits that the stress on the cats is evident when they are released from their crates. Metis, being his own cat, prompted him to splurge on her airfare and set an example for his customers. He wanted to show them that it is possible for their new cats to fly in passenger seats, ensuring a more comfortable and stress-free journey.


Of course, flying with pets in passenger seats comes with additional expenses that owners must cover. However, the peace of mind and well-being of their furry friends make it a worthwhile investment. Mr. Choo’s dedication to providing a premium travel experience for his cats is truly commendable, and it sets a new standard for pet travel.


At Genetique Bengals, Mr. Choo not only offers top-quality cats for sale but also emphasizes the importance of their well-being. This commitment extends to Ryokan Genetique, where cats are provided with a luxurious boarding experience.


The heartwarming story of Metis’ journey from Italy to Singapore showcases the lengths that pet owners can go to ensure the comfort and happiness of their beloved companions. It serves as an inspiration for all pet owners to prioritize the well-being of their furry friends, even during travel.

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