Buying A Kitten: Here’s The Guide



A kitten is the best choice if you have been wanting to get a furry little friend as they make for wonderful companions, showering their owners with unending affection and adorable moments. Even though purchasing a kitten can be exciting, it’s vital to do your research carefully to avoid supporting unethical breeding and ensure that the feline companion you bring home is healthy. 


Where To Buy A Kitten


Choosing whether to purchase a kitten from a breeder or to adopt one from a shelter is the first important choice you must make. There is no right or wrong response in this situation; you must select which you prefer after weighing the pros and cons of both options.


If you purchase a kitten from a pet shop, the kitten should be microchipped, dewormed both internally and externally, litter-trained and get all three of its basic vaccinations at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. Only then, can it adapt to its new home as its immune system might not be strong enough before that. An ethical pet shop seller would also ensure that the kitten must be sterilized before it is 6 months old, a practice that benefits both cat and owner greatly.


Kittens from Génétique, an AVS licensed pet shop in Singapore will get all the above done before they are introduced to their new homes at 16 weeks once the kittens have been sterilized. In addition, all their kittens will be examined physically by a vet to ensure that the kittens do not have any external infections such as ear infections or ringworms, which are common in kittens. Above all, kittens will be checked thoroughly for any physical deformities. A copy of the general health certificate from the vet will also be provided to customers. Génétique also does regular FeLV/FIV testing on all of its Studs and Queens.


A reliable and responsible pet shop owner will put in time and effort to ensure the overall well-being of their kittens, both physically and mentally. They will ensure that the kittens grow up healthy, confident, loving and well-socialized. Besides giving them quality nutritious food, this includes providing them with a big, clean and loving environment where they get lots of human attention, cuddles and playtime.


Most pet shops feed only kibbles as it is relatively cheaper and takes less effort. Dry kibbles however, tend to be high in carbohydrates and moderate in protein with no moisture. For kittens who are still having their baby teeth, these hard kibbles spell bad news. In the long run, the cats may get health issues such as UTIs.


Génétique feeds their cats with homemade barf (raw chicken). There are no preservatives added. In fact, they add lots of supplements into the barf that are essential for the growth of the kittens. Lots of effort and care are put into feeding the cats.


Cats from shelters and foster homes are mostly strays that have been rescued. It may be difficult to contain these cats in a home as they are used to roaming freely on the streets. Some may have health or behavioral issues.


How To Find The Right Breeder


If you choose to take the purchasing route, you might be wondering where you can buy kittens. Finding a trustworthy, responsible and reliable pet shop in Singapore, like Génétique, is relatively easy if you look for breed groups or associations if you have a specific breed in mind. Génétique is registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Associations). Alternatively, you can do your search on forums and Facebook groups. It;s important to keep in mind though, that this information is frequently prejudiced and is probably not coming from experts.


Tips For Buying A Kitten

  1. Before making a purchase, always view the kitten in person. A healthy kitten should be of a healthy weight and bright-eyed. Eyes and nose should be clean and dry. Do look into the ears of a kitten, one of the most obvious signs of whether it has been well taken care of and healthy. Dirty ears could indicate ear mites or ear infections. Unless they are napping, kittens should be active and alert when you visit as well.
  2. Ask the seller where the kitten is from. If imported, check its AVS import license. Avoid sellers who are unable to provide AVS import licenses, and more often than not, such cases indicate that the cats came from dubious sources. These sources include kitten mills, unethical backyard breeders and irresponsible pet owners who did not sterilize their cats.
  3. Ask to see the original Pedigree certificates of the parents if the seller claims that they are Pedigree cats. The seller should be able to apply for the Pedigree certificate for the kitten as well.
  4. To better understand the character of your potential kitten, inquire about the temperaments of the kitten’s parents when speaking with the seller.
  5. Inquire what sellers have done to ensure that their kittens are well-socialized, as kittens develop most of their socialization skills within their first 8 weeks. It is crucial to give them ample time and attention within that period.
  6. Take note of the seller’s attention to health, nutrition and cleanliness.
  7. Check when the kitten can go to its new home. Kittens should only be allowed to do so after at least 2 vaccination shots at 12 weeks. That is when they are fully litter-trained as well.
  8. Find out if a veterinarian has examined their health, and what type of health guarantees are offered. Génétique offers replacement of their kittens should a vet confirms that a genetic health issue or genetic defect is detected within 24 hours from when the kitten was picked up from their shop.

Génétique’s objective is to bring love, joy, companionship, fun and laughter to cat lovers by offering healthy kittens of show quality from championship bloodlines that are loving, affectionate, confident, well-socialized and good natured. Their kittens and cats are nurtured in a clean, loving and caring environment to ensure that they are both physically and emotionally healthy.


They are one of the best choices if you are planning to buy a kitten to join your family. You can book a cozy one-on-one private viewing session with them to interact with their kittens and ask any questions that you may have.


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