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I have read and agree to the terms and conditions below for Private Viewing Session

We welcome you and your family to our Genetique cat gallery to view and interact with our kittens. 


  • Please kindly note the following when visiting us:
  • To change the appointment date and time, please inform us at least 2 days in advance. Else, non-refundable for last min cancellation or no show. 
  • The viewing fee of $25 is refundable to the customer who buys a kitten from us by making a deposit for the kitten.
  • However, this is non-refundable if no deposit for any kittens has been placed as it’s a private viewing session reserved only for you to interact with the cats.
  • Safety of our kittens are of the utmost importance to us, so please also note the following:
  • Please DO NOT bring any other animals into the premises.
  • Please DO NOT visit another cattery/pet store before visiting our cattery. This is to ensure that no deadly viruses or diseases get passed around.
  • No food and outside drinks are allowed inside our glass enclosure. 
  • You must sanitise your hands and feet before handling the kittens. 
  • Do not hit, push, or yell at our cats when they nip or pounce as this will frighten them.
  • Remain calm and speak softly at all times.
  • Please be very gentle with the kittens. 
  • Do not pull any parts of the cat (eg., tail)
  • Do not run, jump, or chase after the cats.
  • Do not corner or crowd around our cats.
  • Do not feed any outside food to our cats and do not let them lick you. 
  • Do not disturb them when they are sleeping or eating.
  • Do not scruff, carry, or hug them. 
  • Our staff will assist you if you would like to carry them, but children below 12 years old are strictly not allowed to carry the cats to prevent any injury.
  • Do not use your hand or feet to play with them. We have cat teaser toys and other small toys that you can use to play with them. 
  • You may take photos or videos with them, but kindly off your flash. 
  • Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult into the Playground Gallery  for our cats’ and your child(ren)’s safety. If you are bringing children, please keep them seated and well-behaved as the kittens may get frightened by loud noises and sudden movements. Children will have to wait outside if they are unruly.
  • Loud noises, abuse, and rough play will not be tolerated.
  • Should our cats’ safety be compromised, you may be asked to leave immediately.
  • Please be on time. The session will start and end at the timing you have booked regardless of the time you arrive as there may be customers coming after your time slot. 
  • Please note that the kittens you have booked to view may not necessarily be made available to you as we work on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. The kitten will go to his/her new loving home that had placed a deposit first. 
  • Genetique/Ryokan Genetique Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any injury or losses incurred while participating in the activities within the gallery premises. 
  • Please also note that this is also a session for us to get to know our customers better who those who are interested in getting a kitten.
  •  As we want our kitten to go only to the best home, and we treat every of our customers like our extended family members, we will assess if the customer is suitable for our baby. As such, we reserve the right to turn down customer’s offers to purchase a kitten without having to provide a reason. 


We look forward to meeting you!

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